Thursday, May 26, 2016

PRO 12 final - if Leinster don’t win, I hope Connacht do!

The Pro 12 all comes to a head on Saturday with an all Irish affair, Leinster are regular contestants, but for surprise package’s Connacht their first semi final is followed by their first final. Now I know the whole of Ireland apart from Connacht wants Leinster to win. Right? Right? All you friggin band wagon jumpers out there with a pinch of deep seated bitterness towards Leinster should be ashamed of yourselves!

The pressure is definitely on Leinster as the big team with all the big match experience against a team who have nothing to lose, Connacht already have their best season ever by a country mile. Leinster have had a good season, Connacht have had an amazing season, but while Connacht have put in a good few stirring performances, Leinster haven’t blown me away too often. In fairness, they were in pretty impressive form against Ulster. 

Connacht base their success on their great attacking style and a stubborn defence, but that defence has wavered on occasion. Leinster have a pretty impeccable defence, but their attack has been hit and miss – they didn’t pick up nearly enough bonus points. So it’s a toss up.I think Leinster have the advantage, and will probably win, if it was in Galway, Connacht would win. And if Leinster don’t win, I hope Connacht do!

Saturday, May 28
Leinster v Connacht 5:30 PM BT Murrayfield, Edinburgh

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