Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ireland get the new era going

 Future Irish captain.. (picture

I’m currently undergoing therapy for a rugby overdose this weekend. Starting off with some LV cup on Friday, and rounding up late Sat with a replay of Wales v SA. Yes, it was a typically hedonist sex, drugs and rugby weekend  down fromthebottomoftheruck’s house.

Starting off with Ireland, who got their new era off with a slow first half, and a good second half. Gee, we’ll have to be more careful with those Samoans though, who were exiting right left and centre. I think the first half was about right for where we are – not really having played together since the 6N, and with a team with a touch of experimantaion in it. We did some good things in the second half, but in fairness the Samoan team  started with 14 men, and looked like us against Italy this year by the end. As always let’s dwell on the positives Jack McGrath is a rising star, Jackson was great, Toner had his best match for Ireland, and Peter O’Mahoney has ‘future captain of Ireland’ stamped all over him. If Sexton’s back next week, I think we’ll see another step up. Awesome debut for Dave Kearney, and Rob is playing at his best too.

Earlier on I’d seen England dismantle Argentina in the first half, and then get bored or something in the second. Argentina could have got a lot closer with a bit more ambition.

France v the All Blacks was the real deal – no space, top drawer physicality, yet both sides able to conjure something out of thin air. The All Blacks defended well, made their tries look easy, but were very relieved to hear the final whistle blow. Let’s see if they can cope with the fear factor of facing Ireland!

Finally, I watched the Wales South Africa match from the first Springbok tries to the last. The Boks had their old skool backline, and a young hungry pack. Wales didn’t seem to have much tempo, and were a bit short on physicality too. I’d put Phillips on the bench, and get some pace into their game.

International Match
Saturday , November 9
Italy 20 - 50 Australia 
Scotland 42 - 17 Japan 
Wales 15 - 24 South Africa 
France 19 - 26 New Zealand 
Ireland 40 - 9 Samoa 
England 31 - 12 Argentina 

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