Thursday, November 14, 2013

Australia to continue with their 'One in a row' winning streaks, and the AB's will be emphatic

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The poo is about to get real for Ireland on Saturday when the Aussies come to town. They had what in the end was a big win over Samoa, but Joe Schmidt sober assessment of the match means he for one is no doubt about the size of the task this weekend.  Injury wise we’ve been fairly lucky, it’s a shame to lose Chris Henry but he would probably have been on the bench anyway. We want our Sexton back though, and we have him!  Australia meanwhile, haven’t been able to put together more than a one in a row winning streak this year, and let’s not see them break that habit this weekend.  Everything clicks, they fill their boots with tries- then the next match it all falls apart. You wouldn’t have to be a strategic genius to see that the best way to beat them is give them no space, and try to keep the game as structured as possible.

Their much maligned scrum is much maligned for a good reason – it’s shit. And we need every opportunity to prove that on Saturday, let’s see a few fake knock ons! The other thing we need to do is have a go at their backline. In a broken field situation, they have the individual brilliance to work magic and score tries. However those individuals are the only ones that are fit or banished from the team for disciplinary reasons. So while their attack might be ferocious their defense is not going to stand up to thorough analysis of a Sexton, O’Driscoll, Marshall and Rob Kearney type. Trust me.  If we get  little bit of space to run at them, we’ll all be shouting, and the Aussie backline will all be looking at each other.

I’m going to be bullish and go for an Irish win, even though they want to get their own back for 2011, ‘mon Ireland!

The biggest source of collisions this weekend will be when England take on New Zealand. The earth is going to move -not like that though.  Wouldn’t you just love to have the All Blacks arriving in town with a chip on their shoulders about their solitary loss last year? I’m expecting them to be focused, clinical and devastating. The England backline is ripe for the picking – lot’s of youth and unfamiliar combinations, although their pack will give the All Blacks some headaches. I’m expecting something pretty emphatic from New Zealand.
Wales should get back on track against Argentina – although if the Pumas pick up from where they left off against England it might start rocky for the Welsh. And Scotland v South Africa is the perfect round off for the weekend, the Scots are always fearsome at home, but this is a pretty good Springbok side.

International Match
Saturday , November 16
Italy vs Fiji 14:00
England vs New Zealand 14:30
Wales vs Argentina 14:30
France vs Tonga 17:00
Ireland vs Australia 17:45
Sunday , November 17
Scotland vs South Africa 15:00

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