Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ireland come up millimetres short...


What can you say about the Ireland New Zealand match? I felt like I didn’t so much watch that match, as live it.  80 exhilarating, scary, frustrating and ultimately heartbreaking minutes. To beat the All Blacks you need skill, commitment, passion, a little luck, to make your own luck…and a little more luck. We came up millimeters short, from a victory we so deserved and needed, you could taste it. That’s why they’re the best team in the world though, they’ve earned the right to get that last bit of luck. You could cry for the team, 1-23, every one counted, everyone gave 1000%. It’s the one that got away, again, but we’ve just got to take this forward, store this hurt and use it when it counts in the future.

Looks like we have one of the few major stadiums in Europe you can set a scrum on too.

I also saw a great first half from Wales, followed by a pretty average one, a bit of the error strewn Argentina Italy match, and all of Scotland’s tough close battle against Australia. France South Africa was a mighty contest too, lots of sore bodies, and some strange video ref decisions there.

Italy 14 - 19 Argentina 
Scotland 15 - 21 Australia 
France 10 - 19 South Africa 
Ireland 22 - 24 New Zealand 

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