Friday, August 2, 2013

Finals weekend...looks like the Chiefs and the Lions!

Finals weekend is here! The winner of Super Rugby will be decided, and also which South African drops out of the competition this year.
The Chiefs didn’t always look like champs this season, but when they needed to they rolled up their sleeves and got on with it. Their win last weekend over a Crusaders team stuffed with All Blacks was very impressive. Interesting to see if more Chiefs start to get a look in for the All Blacks.The Brumbies meanwhile have had a great season, a touch of luck to come out on top against a resurgent Cheetahs, and the same with some poor decision making by the Bulls. The biggest challenge for the Brumbies is going to be coping with the physical onslaught of the Chiefs, on top of all the travelling they’ve been doing. Jake White is an astute coach, and if anyone is going come up with a plan to beat the Chiefs, he’ll do it. My feeling though is that it’s a year early for the Brumbies, they come close but the Chiefs will win it.
That’s early Saturday, and then in the afternoon it’s the Southern Kings and the Lions. This could well be the end of the Spears, unless a way of accommodating them in properly in Super Rugby is discovered. There’s’ something ludicrous about having as many as 5 teams in Australia, and only 5 teams in South Africa. This year Kings got into Super Rugby automatically – hard to see them ever being able to qualify without players or a proper competition. It should be a good game again, but the whole thing is just so messy! I think the Lions will come through, especially with home advantage.
Super Rugby
Saturday , August 3
Lions vs Southern Kings 
Chiefs vs Brumbies 

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