Sunday, July 28, 2013

Super Rugby results this weekend - Bulls fans look away now!

The Southern Kings and the Lions got things going in PE with a pretty decent match. It was the typical bone crunching contest you’d expect from two SA teams. Handling and a few other basics weren’t always great, but it was exciting end to end stuff. If the Lions had played like this all last season, or the Spears like this all this season – they’d have both avoided the situation they’re in. The match made a good case for 6 SA teams in Super Rugby.
Next up was the Chiefs and the Crusaders. I tipped the Chiefs, and got that one right – they tore into the Crusaders from the whistle, never let them settle, kept putting in eye watering hits, and their back line threatened all the time. The Crusaders are masters at dominating teams physically, but they don’t know how to respond when it happens to them. It’s such a classy team though – Carter is still the master, Dagg showed good touchs and Read is in the middle of everything. The final is the Chiefs to lose now.
The other semi final saw the Brumbies sneak out of Pretoria with a win. The Bulls play with the mantra that the perfect game plan was invented by Naas Botha and Northern Transvaal in 1981, and who are they to tamper with perfection. Or to use their heads – thinking is not really that masculine is it, beating the other team to a bloody pulp is the aim, and if you have to think to win – let’s not go there… They had the game wrapped up when they were camped on the Brumbies 22 in the last 10 minutes, but made the head scratching decision to go for a try  three times instead of taking the points. Fair play to the Brumbies, they have their work cut out in the final – but at least they’re in the final.
Super Rugby
Saturday , July 27
Chiefs 20 - 19 Crusaders 
Bulls 23 - 26 Brumbies 
Friday , July 26
Southern Kings 19 - 26 Lions 

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