Monday, July 1, 2013

Even Stevens....

16-15 in Melbourne, one all, is about right for the series. But.... The Wallabies should have won in Brisbane with better kicking, and the Lions should have won this with better defence.

I watched it in Como in Perth, where rugby still comes second to NFL, but there was some good craic in the pub between rival supporters.

I think the Lions should have squashed out the series in this match, picking the Wallabies up like George North did with Folau, and smashing them. Their pack has the upper hand, and they should keep it more in there, kick it less and then run the ball with more confidence. Easy! I'll have to get on to my man Warren and set him straight. The Lions are unlucky to have lost their captan, but the replacements are lining up. I thought Lydiate and Bowe really stepped up to plate on Saturday.

The Wallabies should really be losing their Horwill now, for his footwork in the first test. Otherwise, O'Connor still looks fragile, and Beale looks like he could either way.

The Lions let that one slip, they had that game, and if they'd been a bit less conservative they would have got it. The momentum has swung back to the Wallabies ever so slightly...

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