Monday, August 5, 2013

It's the Chiefs and the Lions who win in Super Rugby this year


The Chiefs wrapped up their season in style with a really hard fought win over the Brumbies. That was proper rugby, with the Brumbies giving it all, building a good lead and then watching the Chiefs claw it back. It remains the one tournament where, although there’s a play off, winning the round robin stage is the surest route to becoming champs. The Brumbies shocked the Chiefs though with good defense, canny points taking, and a breakaway try that nearly broke the Chiefs. With defenses so tight and organised, it seems in the last few weeks that an intercept is one of the only ways to breach the opposition line. The Chiefs play great rugby, they have sparkling backs, and honest grafters like Clarke, Messam and Retallick. Ben Tameifuna I’m not so keen on – both this and last years final he should have at least been yellow carded for shoulder charges with a half hearted arm thrown about to disguise them as a tackle. For the Brumbies, just an absolutely brilliantly drilled side, that must be due a Super Rugby title soon.
Meanwhile, in Johannesburg, the Lions fell over themselves to lose to the Kings, but somehow escaped with a precious berth into next year’s competition.  Everyone’s a loser babe- I cant’ ever see the Kings coming back now, with little top class competiton to keep their level good, and for the Lions with a huge player drain, the likelihood they’ll have a decent season next year is pretty slim. 6 SA sides in Super Rugby? It seems like 5 has been too many for years and years, with the Lions as often as not propping up the table. Maybe SA should sort out 5 sides first before they get another involved.
Super Rugby
Saturday , August 3
Lions 18 - 23 Southern Kings 
Chiefs 27 - 22 Brumbies 

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