Friday, August 25, 2017

Ireland v Wales is essential watching!


The Women's World Cup wraps up on Saturday in Belfast. It hasn't been a vintage World Cup, but since we've only made the quarters once before, it is about an average performance for us. It's a pity we couldn't have done better at home, and more about that later, but there we are, that's what's happened, we need to make sure we get seventh now.

It just hasn't been our tournament this year, and it's hard to put a finger on why. Tom Tierney hasn't suddenly become a bad coach, but we haven't looked convincing in any of the matches. Our preparation doesn't seem to have been sufficient, and perhaps playing at home put too much pressure on us. Watching their first match at UCD, it looked as though Australia were physically a much bigger side, which means we need more player depth. We struggled tactically too - it's almost as though other teams have moved on and we haven't. That points to the need for better back up for TomTierney. More players and more money really.

We need to make the legacy of this world cup to be the sustained heightened level of interest in the game. We HAVE to support the players better, they are giving it their all, and at a minimum we need to sell out all the 6 Nations matches. Do we need a provincial competition too, to improve the depth?

I think we can beat Wales, it's a confidence thing more than anything, but two losses on the bounce, we need to help carry them through this, get to the game, watch it on TV, let them know we're behind them.You are not going to get a better community grass root feel about a match. I think we'll win!

In the final, England are probably the favourites, but they'll do well to beat the All Blacks who may sneak it.

Women's World Cup
Japan Women 12:00 Hong Kong Women
Ireland Women 14:00 Wales Women
Italy Women 14:30 Spain Women
Australia Women 17:00 Canada Women
France Women 17:00 USA Women
England Women 19:45 New Zealand Women

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