Thursday, September 24, 2015

Japan stutter, Namibia surprisingly weren't annihilated, and all eyes on England Wales!

Jacques 'Face First' Burger

Japan’ s bubble was slightly burst against Scotland, the 5 day turn around from their triumph over SA left them tired and not able to cope with a good game plan from the Scots. Nevermind, if they never win another  cup match they will always be remembered for  that famous win, and they have another two matches to try and get in to the quarters. Scotland look well organised and committed.

Australia overcame Fiji, but didn’t get a bonus point. It was good effort from Fiji after their tough encounter against England on Friday. Australia got the win easily enough, but surely wanted a bonus point, and looked a little rusty.

France took their time but ended up with a bonus point over Romania. Romania have a workmanlike team, some decent sized players, but shouldn’t trouble Ireland too much. France looked like they felt like playing every so often but weren’t trying  harder than they had to.

The All Blacks delivered the expected hammering to Namibia led by Jaques - 'Face First' Burger, with some sublime tries. It wasn’t always all that slick though, I think they had their eye on the Australia’s record World Cup victory of 142 – 0 over Namibia a few years ago, and wanted to run from everywhere. Namibia scored one beautiful try, and in their own way scored a little victory in keeping the score from blowing out

Georgia have the unenviable task of facing an Argentinian fresh from giving the All Blacks a good test and eager to get their World Cup back on track. Should be brutal

On Saturday, Italy and Canada are both winless, and we’re ulikely to see any champagne rugby. Italy should win but Canada won’t feel of this contest.

After that it’s going to be gloves off enjoyable mayhem as the wounded Springboks face the mighty Samoans. This match last World Cup was like a fully pitched battle, and it’s unlikely to disappoint this year either. The Springboks want to show what they are REALLY made of, while Samoans will probably top this group if they win. Expect a unusually high mortality rate.

The big match of the weekend is England V Wales, which will be a defining result in this group. And it not like there’s not normally enough riding on this match! The Welsh are slightly weakened without Webb and Halfpenny, while England have gone with a more conservative backline, looking like they want to lock the match down into an arm-wrestle. I’m going with England with their home advantage.

On Sunday, I’m hoping Uruguay will come to the party and enhance my ‘biggest  loser team’ credentials when they take on Australia. I think the Wallabies have it in them to win me the prize!

Scotland v USA should go to plan with a victory for the Scots.

The weekend close with Ireland v Rumania. Expect to see a few new faces as the Irish squad rotates, but hopefully, the quality won’t dip. Robbie Henshaw should make his debut, and a lot is expected from the big talented Connacht player

Wednesday, September 23
Scotland 45 - 10 Japan    13:30
Australia 28 - 13 Fiji    15:45
France 38 - 11 Romania    19:00

Friday, September 25
Argentina vs Georgia    15:45
Saturday, September 26
Italy vs Canada    13:30
South Africa vs Samoa    15:45
England vs Wales    19:00
Sunday, September 27
Australia vs Uruguay    11:00
Scotland vs USA    13:30
Ireland vs Romania    15:45

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