Thursday, March 8, 2012

6Nations - the Cro Magnons will triumph in Dublin

Scotland need more Cro Magnons

Wales will be at home on Saturday afternoon, enjoying a take away pizza, with full Italian seasoning. Their biggest risk in this game is shipping any more injuries as they are starting to get a bit thin on the ground, but they should beat Italy comfortably.

In the later kick off, Ireland take on Scotland at the Aviva in what’s likely to be an epic battle. Rugby is a visceral game, appealing to the primordial enjoyment of combat in all of us. That’s why primordials are best suited to playing the game, with Neanderthals commonly used in the scrum, while Cro-Magnons , slightly higher in the evolutionary pecking order, make good backs. Ireland have a good selection of both Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons to choose from,  while unfortunately Scotland currently have a dearth of Cro-Magnons, and have been forced to select mainly Neanderthals in the back line. The Scottish supporters will no doubt be trying to capture some good breeding stock to improve their gene pool while they’re over for the match, and as by observation, all the ladies like a man in a kilt, they could well get a result.
I’m actually reasonably worried about this match, as Scotland are picking up a bit of form, and their massive pack is going to attempt to knock the stuffing  out of us. Without a decent kicker  for Scotland though, I’d say we’ll scrape by even without the inspirational Paul O’Connell. And Dublin will rock this weekend, because as the say, ‘the craic is mighty’ when the Scots come to town.

Sunday could be a classic as England travel to Paris to take on France. There’s huge history between these two teams and countries, on and off the field, and their relationship is perfectly summed up by this interview with former international Sebastian Chabal, in France.
You have an English reporter, with no French, at a press conference in France, trying to talk to a Frenchman who can speak English but won’t.

France are nowhere near the heights they reached in last year’s World Cup, while conversely, England are nowhere near the lows they reached at their tournament. It’s an England side with a lot of potential, but not really a team yet, although they have some very good promising individual players. If France is Irelands bogey tem, then England is France’s, but at home, their crowd won’t tolerate a loss and they should win.

RBS Six Nations
Saturday , March 10
Wales vs Italy 14:30
Ireland vs Scotland 17:00
Sunday , March 11
France vs England 15:00

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