Thursday, March 1, 2012

6 Nations - Paris in the spring - but is the French Cockerel going to be plucked up?

We're going to pluck you up!

This is an open letter to the French Rugby Federation. Paris is a delightful city, and while our supporters last time enjoyed your scenic but overpriced hotels, and sampled your world renowned (but exorbitantly priced) cuisine, none of that was an issue – we’re Irish, we’re used to being ripped off. Supporters  travelled to your famed city in a variety of ways, some flew in comfort (Aer Lingus, Air France) some flew cheap and nasty (Ryanair), some watched from the comfort of their own lounge , or at their local pub.

And we know how these things can sneak up on you, we realise you only had six months to prepare for the match, from the time the fixtures were announced. But we were thinking, both travelling supporters, and those left behind, if it isn’t too much trouble, would you be able to provide a pitch a match can actually be played on this time? We understand it can sometimes be difficult to meet the high expectations of fans, but if you’re not too busy getting pissed on your admittedly superb wine, chasing skirt (or trouser, whichever is your fancy) thumbing your noses at the English (although we do that too) and whatever other busy affairs you have to tend to, a pitch our team can play on would be class. Thanks, yours etc.

Now I have that off my chest, what about the match?  Ireland have an unchanged side from last week. We still look a little off the pace, and need a big step up to get a result in Paris. The French have not really hit their straps either, so both sides are looking for a win here to kick on the rest of their challenge. We have a bit of an issue with the French. The English for instance can be bigger, faster, stronger than us but when we need to we can really pull one out the fire with them. Apart from the odd occasion we beat them, you’re always left with sense of frustration after playing them, that feeling we haven’t done ourselves justice. I would so love to see the French cockerel slaughtered, plucked, spatchcocked and roast a on a barbeque. If our loose trio gets going, and Earls clicks at centre, and we get a bit dollop of luck, we could sneak it. But Paris is a hard place to go and win, so I’m going with a narrow loss for Ireland.

RBS Six Nations Sunday , March 4
France vs Ireland 15:00


  1. What happened in France was an absolute farce. Were you one of the unfortunate people who travelled over?

    Hopefully the Irish get one over the French. I think it's possible...Ireland were unlucky really to lose against Wales. The Six Nations ladder could easily look very different.

    p.s. i have a blog too if your interested:

  2. I didn't travel over but a friend in the office did and she was highly peeved. It would keep the whole thing open if Ireland win, and we can, but it's a tough ask. Your blog is great!