Sunday, March 18, 2012

6 Nations 2012 -Wales get the Slam, Scotland get the wooden spoon, and Ireland get to think again

Amnesty International have been called in to investigate claims that Scotland and Italy were guilty of torturing a rugby match at the Stadio Olympico on saturday. There are two hours of video footage for them to study, but believe me, it’s too brutal to watch.  Italy claimed the honours, and the Scots walk off with the wooden spoon, rounding off another hugely disappointing season for them. Time for  a new coach I’d say.

Wales started a bit nervy at the Millenium Stadium, but a try from Alex Cuthbert steadied their nerves, and they went on to claim a well deserved Grand Slam, their third in 8 years. They have a young team that probably has a good few more slams in the tank. Good times for Welsh rugby. France are totally at sixes and sevens, Saint Andre is under pressure already, the circus continues.

Finally, England handed out a good thrashing to Ireland, to claim second spot and end their season on a high. We’ve enjoyed a lot of success against England in recent years, but on Saturday it was our turn to take the medicine. England found the weak spot in our team on the day – our front row- and exploited it to the max. There’s no easy fix for that either, the Irish cupboard is bare of props right now. And we have to rethink some of the selections – D’Arcy and O’Callaghan are yesterdays men. And Tomas O’Leary, while he played a vital part in our ’09 Slam, is woefully out of form. Boss, Marshall and even Stringer should be above him in the pecking order.

6 Nations Awards

Team of the Tournament – Wales

Player of the Tournament - Jonathan Davies

Outstanding contribution to comedy award – France – they are in a class of their own here

Moustache of the tournament  - Italian coach Jacques Brunel (takes over from Marc Lievremont)

One to watch – Owen Farrell

The Dilly dally award  - Lee Dickson – Get the ball out of the ruck!

RBS Six Nations Saturday , March 17
Italy 13 - 6 Scotland 
Wales 16 - 9 France 
England 30 - 9 Ireland


  1. I would agree that it's time for Ireland to re-load. They have had a very good run the last few years.

    I agree that Owen Farrell was the find of this tournament-and he only got better as the tournament progressed.

    As easy as it is to mock France, it bears remembering that they almost were able to pull out wins against Ireland and were centimeters short of beating England on Trinh Ducs drop goal attempt. With nothing to play for, they still were close with Wales. Their drop goal execution was at times shocking and head-scratching. I don't think Beauxis should be wearing a French shirt for quite some time.

    The less said of Scotland and Italy, the better. I hate being negative.

  2. Hi Nursedude - I'm being a bit tough on France, but we never get to see the complete performance they are capable of producing. Ireland are struggling with props, locks and centres - France have players to burn in every position, but can't seem to get the best the best out of them. Some good games in the 6N though, very competitive