Sunday, August 31, 2014

Racing triumph over Toulon at home!


The only match I caught this weekend was Racing Metro Paris beating Toulon 17 – 10. The Racing pack was most impressive, more than standing their own against the monsters of Toulon. I guess it’s the same with most teams, take them on at their strength, and you have a chance. Francois Van der Merwe and Casey Lualua were most impressive for Racing, as was James O’Connor for Toulon.

Really, though, the sooner that Jonny Sexton gets out of there the better. He was getting knocked around all over the place there, the late hit on the fly half is par for the course, and even a big 6 foot 1 guy like him takes a hammering. He went off early with injuries to his arm and face. In Ireland, he probably wouldn’t have made an appearance until the end of September, would be given regular breaks during the season, and not be yanked back to the Top 14 mid 6 nations.

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