Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ireland thrash, France fumble, and England smash

The whole of the Aviva stadium was swept away with emotion as BOD donned the green jersey in Ireland for the last time on Saturday. He was subbed on 62 minutes – not before setting up three tries, and a putting in a typical amount of crunching tackles and steals at the breakdown.  There’ll be a book, and a musical out of it, I‘m thinking along the lines of Evita… they’ll probably call it ‘Brian’ though, or maybe B O D Superstar.  He’s the man!  Italy were competitive for half an hour, then got blown away in the second half, with Ireland scoring 7 tries, including two each for Sexton and Trimble. Sexton had a great game, and Paddy Jackson did well when he came on. Job done, points difference up to 81!

Scotland and France each produced a performance that was pretty well expected, France were rubbish, but just good enough to win, while Scotland look much improved, but just couldn’t finish the job. This is so beautifully set up for Ireland, they will rarely enter the last week of the 6N in a better position, with France all over the place, and probably just a win enough o claim the title.

Finally, England were comfortable winners at Twickenham, playing really well and scoring all the tries. It wasn’t like Wales weren’t trying, but they just seemed to be going backwards all the way. In context, Ireland did really well to keep the losing margin so tight against England, and France hit the luck jackpot when they beat them. England are the form team.

RBS Six Nations
Sunday , March 9
England 29 - 18 Wales 
Saturday , March 8
Ireland 46 - 7 Italy 
Scotland 17 - 19 France

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