Thursday, March 6, 2014

Do you believe in the power of BOD Almighty?

 One more cap for the record (picture

Another BIG weekend of Six Nations action get’s going on Saturday afternoon in Dublin this weekend. Ireland have only two objectives:
1.    Celebrate the awesome playing career of one the all time greats of the game, BOD Almighty, in his final appearance in green in Ireland, the same match he sets the world record for international caps (140)
2.    Rend the Italians limb from limb, smite them down, get downright biblical on their asses, and rack up a record points difference win against them
Ireland have the same amount of points as France, England and Wales going into this weekend, but a points difference of 42, 21 better than England.  If we could push that points difference out to 60-70, then a win against France in our final match and we’ve done it! Italy have rested a few of their front runners for the match, and seem to be saving themselves for England next week which suits us fine. We have essentially the same team starting again for the third match in a row, BOD on our side – I could see us winning by 20!

France need to try and catch up Ireland points difference against Scotland, which means a 40 point win, but in all honesty they’d be lucky to win at this stage. They’ve made a whole lot of changes for the match, but in my experience, once those French heads go down, they don’t come up in hurry, so I think they’ll win, but not by much. Scotland have Kelly Brown back in the team and captain again, and where they are now a narrow defeat by France would be a result.

Finally, the big one will be England and Wales. Whoever loses that will be out of the running this year. From an Irish point of view, it’s better if Wales come out with a narrow win, as if we beat France next week, I don’t think they’ll make up the points difference they need against Scotland in their final match. England lost this fixture 30-3 at the Millennium stadium last year, so payback will be on their minds. It’s really down to Wales, whether they surrender like they did in Dublin, or come out rampant style like in the France match. It’s a tight call, and  I think England will probably win – they have the size to stop Wales’ ‘A’ game, which is to stomp all over them, and, In Dublin anyway, Wales didn’t have a B plan. But it’ll be a hell of a match either way!

RBS Six Nations
Saturday , March 8
Ireland vs Italy 14:30
Scotland vs France 17:00
Sunday , March 9
England vs Wales 15:00

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