Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Wolfhounds get put in the dogbox, and Sexton- the verdict!

Ireland Wolfhounds 10-14 England Saxons

Right. So an experienced and talented Wolfhound team was going to take out the talented but inexperienced Saxons in Galway.? It all went to plan in the first half, albeit with a massive hand from the ref, as the Saxons should have had a scrum penalty try for all money. We went in 10-0 up, but in the second half, it all turned to ashes, as the Saxons came not exactly storming back but made less mistakes and took their trys. The root of our problems, IMHO, was at lock. Michael Bent was getting all the flak – feckin Kiwis, coming over and taking our jobs – but I think you could have had the incredible hulk in our front row, but with a couple of toothpicks in lock pushing the front row, this was always going to happen. We have no locks at Leinster, we have no locks in Ireland. It was pretty frustrating to watch, but wholly likely when you throw a team together in a week. The Saxons looked only marginally better.

The big news of the day, overshadowing the match, was the defection of Sexton to Racing Metro. This is my two cents worth. This is the man that stepped into the breach left by Contipome’s injury and delivered Leinster’s first Heineken Cup. This is the man that turned it around in the dressing room at half time against Northampton, to give us the second HC. This is the man who was an absolutely key in delivering our 3rd HC. This is the man that’s been playing at way below his market value for the last two years. So I say good luck to him! He’s going to learn some new tricks, and he can still play for Ireland. Racing Metro currently have four fly halfs on their Books, Juan Martin Hernandez, Jonathan Wisniewski ,Benjamin Dambielle and Olly Barkley. 3 internationals, although is Barkley leaving? He’s moving right out of his comfort zone, he’s the main man at Leinster, but could be used in rotation or not all at Racing. He also has to move to a new country, and his partner has to adapt to that too. So good luck to him, I hope he does well, and if it doesn’t work out, he’ll always be welcome back.And Ian Madigan, this is your big chance.

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