Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Sharks five loose forwards - Daniels, Kankowski, Coetzee, Alberts and Bismarck will win them the game!

Marcel Coetzee (picture

Right, so the Chiefs and Sharks in Hamilton it is! It’s the two form teams in the last three weeks – the teams that found the form when they had to. One of them is going to get their name on the Super trophy for the first time, which is a good thing too, good for the competition. This will be the Sharks fourth final and the Chiefs second. That’s a lot that the Shark’s have had to suck up, and the Chiefs will have their own bitter memories of being demolished by the Bulls. I can tell you one thing, neither team is going to die wondering here! The Chiefs are able to name the same team that beat the Crusaders last week, while the Sharks have lost Whitehead in midfield, but have Lambie and Jordaan back in the frame.

They are both teams that want to play – none of this reliance on defense and opposition mistakes. There’s going to be an awesome battle of the little masters, Michalak and Cruden, and the front row tussle is going to be second to none. Sonny Bill gives the Chiefs a bit of an edge in midfield, but apart from that it’s even stevens across the park.

The key I think is how well the Sharks stand up to the physical onslaught the Chiefs the Chiefs are going to throw at them, and deal with a massive niggle factor as well. If there isn’t a gold old fashioned barn storming dust up in the first 10 minutes I’ll eat my hat. I’m not expecting the Sharks to be exactly meek though, in fact the opposite! My advice to them would be to make the rucks and mauls an absolute war zone, and they have the firepower, 5 loose forwards, Daniels, Kankowski, Coetzee, Alberts, and Bismarck. And Deysel on the bench! My instinct is that the Chiefs home advantage and the travel factor on the Sharks will see them home. As my instinct was 100% incorrect last week, that means the Sharks are going to win! Get in!

Super Rugby
Saturday , August 4
Chiefs vs Sharks 19:35

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