Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bugger! The Sharks lose their way on the way to Hamilton!

He's the man! (picture

Bugger! I had high hopes for the Sharks, but it wasn’t to be. At least they’ll be able to take a good holiday to the destination of their choice with all the air mile they’ve accumulated! They looked good for about the first 20 minutes, but after the adrenalin wore off, it was one way traffic for the rest of the evening. Aaron Cruden was the master tactician, varying his play and setting off the Chiefs exciting backs. I may as well get a few gripes off my chest. I don’t like the way the Chiefs were holding players at the front of the ruck, or the way they came in from the side at lineouts. I don’t like their dirty play either, no arm tackles and forearm smashes in the face.

That’s a pity, because they they have all the skills, the confidence, and can win without any of that. Apart from that, fantastic to see a team with such attacking intention come out on top, and great to have a new name on the cup. They won the cup as much for their week in week out play as for what they did in the final. 0 from four finals, but with a bit more consistency, they be back, and look to go all the way.

Super Rugby
Saturday , August 4
Chiefs 37 - 6 Sharks


  1. People might not like it, but it's that wily side of them that has made them a very difficult side to beat.

    They learned that when they let the Crusaders play too much in the round robin and fixed it when they added some niggle to negate the tactics of McCaw and so.

    The blocking for Thompson's try was another example of pushing the boundaries, but they got away with it. I don;t think anyone can seriously say that another side deserved to win this year's Super 15.

    A curious part of the fixture list though is that the Chiefs never played the Stormers!

  2. That's a mystery alright, not a fan of this new fangled system. I want the Super 12 back! Chiefs desreved the win absolutelyy