Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bits and pieces of rugby for those struggling with rugby deprivation!

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 (Japanese flag in case you were wondering)

Yes, there's not a lot of rugby on at this time of year - it's pretty well impossible to get my fix at the moment!

Last week's Hurricanes Lions match was a pretty one sided affair, decided mainly by the mistakes the Lions made, due to the incessant pressure that the Canes had them under. Also, that was weather for ducks - wind resistant ducks at that. Fair play to the Canes though, they used their home advantage to maximum effect, and it's great to have a new name on the cup.

The next top class 15 man rugby will be the Rugby Championship which kicks off on the 20th  of October. On the evidence of the Super Rugby season, New Zealand are going to take it at a canter...again.

But there is 7's rugby going on the moment at the Olympics, and it pretty feckin good too. All I've seen of it was the Australian ladies laying waste to the Fijians - great skills, a fast paced game and not shirking the odd bone crunching tackle when required. They went on to win the whole thing,  underlining their no 1 position in the world rankings.

In the men's 7's, surprise package again were Japan, beating the All Blacks, and making the semi finals which the All Blacks failed to do - we won't be surprised when they do well from now on. They feature a player buy the name of Lote Tuquiri - no, not that Lote Tuquiri but they are apparently cousins.

In Leinsters warm up matches they have Josh van der Flier, Fergus McFadden and Mike McCarthy back to be selected from, as well as new arrivals Ian Nagle and Niall Morris

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