Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bleep bleep bleep - Ireland let that win slip away!


This write up fortunately contains none of the language that was making sailors blush as Ireland’s lead and series win slipped away in the last 20 minutes in Johannesburg against the Springboks. Ireland started where they left off last week, excellent defence and taking our points effectively when the opportunities came. Murray and Jackson were pulling the strings, and our pack was moshing theirs. Going in at half time with a half time lead, it all looked too good to be true.

And in the second half, it was too good to be true. The Springboks made a rake of key substitutions in the last 20 minutes that really swung things their way. Ireland meanwhile were wilting – looking lethargic, falling off tackles, making mistakes. It was the one that got away, even with a weaker Irish  team on paper. Last week, the Springboks should have won, this week we should have. Maybe we play better when we’re up against it – 14 men was the spur we needed. Also, the way Ireland’s call was butchered last week definitely needed avenging! Still all to play for though, we’ll be back!

Elsewhere, it was as you were for Wales, competitive in the first half, then getting blown away by the All Blacks in the second half. They’re close to where they should be, but just coming up short.

Finally, England wrapped up their series against the Aussies with another dominant performance. I wish they’d toured New Zealand instead!

Tonga 20 - 23    Georgia
Canada 46 - 21    Russia
United States of America 20 – 24 Italy
New Zealand 36 – 22 Wales
Australia 7 - 23    England
South Africa 32 – 26 Ireland

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