Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cheap and cheerful 6 Nations guide - with a surprise tip for Ireland!


Here’s my cheap and cheerful form guide for the 6N! WARNING! I wouldn’t put your house on my predictions

Second last year, they have a juggernaut pack, and a deadly place kicker.  Apart from that, the backline is a work in progress. I think they are still being baked in the kiln right now, I think they’ll finish 3rd

They came last year – last! They have the biggest money league in the world – so many good players they don’t know who to leave out, but they  don’t know who to pick either. I think they’ll do better this year, but finish fourth. And first up at home, they’ll beat England this weekend.

They came 4th last year, but diabolical performances from France and Ireland helped that a lot. Not much has changed, except they’re getting older, I’m backing them for 6th

Joe Schmidt is out secret weapon. We have injury worries, but the right coach – there are a few old codgers like BOD, D’Arcy and POC that are retiring or one injury way from the end. They’ll want to go out on a bang, so I’m being bullish and going for  first place, on points difference. We’ll beat Scotland this weekend – I think they’ll catch the backlash of our loss to New Zealand.

Third last year, but at the end of the day, they have only two teams to pick from – they are going to be game, but limited and finish 5th

Going for a triple crown of wins. But Welsh rugby is in bits – players are leaving, and the fans aren’t happy, players are staying, and the fans aren’t happy, everybody is blaming everybody else. They have awesome players, are bit suspect at 10 and also at 9 now, so I’m going second for them. They’ll comfortably beat Italy this weekend.

RBS Six Nations
Saturday , February 1
Wales vs Italy 14:30
France vs England 17:00
Sunday , February 2
Ireland vs Scotland 15:00

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