Friday, March 15, 2013

The indignity of a wooden spoon for Ireland hangs in the balance...

First up this Saturday is a season defining match for Ireland. If we lose – then we’ll be dicing it out with France for the wooden spoon. How undignified would that be! And lets’ face it, Italy are due to beat us soon, we already used our get out of jail free card when ROG spared out blushes with a last minute drop kick two years ago. We have a young team, and we’re going to have to play a canny game that takes the Italian scrimmaging prowess and physicality out of the game. The atmosphere in Rome is going to be second to none, a passionate crowd sniffing a victory – gulp! If we win, it’s going to by the skin of our teeth, as this Italian team has confidence like never before.. I’m still going with a win though-  Is Féidir Linn!

The second match is for the championship, although Wales have to win it by 7 points to claim the title. Compared to last year, Wales have had a modest tournament, probably only hitting a few gears against Scotland last weekend. England haven’t done anything fancy, but have withstood pressure when they needed to , and taken points when they needed as well.  Because it’s at home, I can see Wales winning, but not by 7, so England get the championship, and about right with overall for m this year.

Finally, France are going for their first victory at home against Scotland. It’s been a pretty risible effort from them this year – they were my tip for the championship! They showed a fair amount of character to come back and get the draw against us last weekend, and they should finish with a win. Scotland, with two wins, have had a better than average season.

RBS Six Nations
Saturday , March 16
Italy vs Ireland 14:30
Wales vs England 17:00
France vs Scotland 20:00

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