Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heineken Cup final - Leinster are starting to get posessive with that cup!

Sometimes it’s hard to write these things, sometimes they write themselves.  3 out of 4 Heineken Cups in the last four years has to make you wonder  what their problem was in 2010, doesn’t it? It was as emphatic as you can get, with Leinster dismantling Ulster and  setting a host of records along the way. That’s not to crow over Ulster, who gave it all they had, but Leinster have an x-factor at the moment, that offloading game, and those sweet running lines, that can unlock any defence, and a nearly watertight defence. Confidence just oozes through players like Kearney, Nacewa, Heaslip, O’Brien et al. They’re going to have to build a bigger cabinet at Leinster HQ at this rate.

The match passed in a bit of a blur, I think I’ll have to watch it again to see what really happened.  Ulster started with the adrenalin pumping, and had Leinster pinned back for the first 20 minutes. After that, the tide turned, and Ulster had to fight harder and harder just to stay in touch. SOB was  back to his best, so destructive in broken field play, the handling in general was slick- it was exhibition rugby at times. Cave, Trimble, Best and Ferris all stood up to be counted, but it never going to be their day with Leinster in that form.

BOD payed tribute the team, the coach, the players left behind, and in fairness the foundation for this success, that’s lifted Leinster and Ulster to such lofty heights, was the trail blazed by Munster, showing the way it was done. From an Ireland point of view, it’s not great to see Ferris and BOD held together by tape. But that’s for another day, time now to bask in the title Champions of Europe.

Heineken Cup
Saturday , May 19
Leinster 42 - 14 Ulster

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  1. What a fantastic game. You just have to sit back in awe at the style Leinster have developed. I think they are probably the easiest side to watch in the whole world (and that's as a frequent viewer of Super 15).

    I did a write up of the game if you are interested too on my blog.

    What do you think Eireland's chances are against the All Blacks in June? They must be riding on a wave of optimism given how Leinster and Ulster have performed (even if the national team had a dissapointing six nations).