Sunday, September 18, 2011

RWC11 - Ireland beat Australia - move over DKNY there’s a new name in grand design, DKCC! (Declan Kidney Cork City)!

Move over DKNY, there’s a new name in grand design, DKCC! (Declan Kidney Cork City)! Nobodies talking about four losses in a row now! We didn’t just beat the Australians, we BEAT them! A 9 point win when no one’s given you a chance – how sweet is that! Just about none of the media, few of the fans, but most importantly the Australian players didn’t think Ireland had a hope. Ireland didn’t do anything flash, just went about their business in a determined fashion, kept the ball tight, and established an absolute dominance in the scrum. The most kudos for this performance definitely go to the front row and the loose trio, but 1-15, what a performance, no stars just one for all and all for one. Genia, Cooper and Beale were near invisible for Australia as Ireland stifled the life out of the Aussies. Even our bench was stronger, with O’Gara and Trimble both looking sharp. There was nothing the Wallabies had either on or off the pitch that could match us.

Australia now face the unenviable task of needing to beat the Springboks in the next round – that’s if they beat the USA first, although I’d definitely back them to beat the USA, especially if they get Pocock and Ioane back :). And as for Ireland – well, you wouldn’t want to get too carried away, but it’s a sweet, sweet moment to savor, it feels like the sky’s the limit at the moment.

Here’s the phrases the Aussies should have learnt for the match:

Is féidir le Paul O'Connell teacht le cabhrú linn lenár scrum nuair a scoireann sé?
Can Paul O'Connell come help us with our scrum when he retires?

Riamh Tá na beers i Bondi ceirteacha tarraingthe ag do dtíre ag dul go dtí an blas céanna arís.
Those beers in Bondi pulled by your countrymen are never going to taste the same again.

Tá tú ceart iad do sheila ag lorg níos fear
You're right your sheila's are better looking

Earlier on Saturday, the Springboks picked up where they left off after the first 5 minutes against Wales with a pretty impressive victory over Fiji. Fiji looked really good for the first 20 minutes, they had the Boks on the ropes, but then the Springboks struck back, playing uncharacteristically fluid rugby. They were, dare I say it, exciting to watch! Every South African out there put his hand up and there are some interesting headaches for the South African coaches now. This is a great group for Wales and South Africa, there is no hiding place against Samoa and Fiji, you either survive or die, and whatever doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger.

Wales Samoa was the other big match of the weekend, and it was a massively physical encounter – both teams must have felt like they’d been run over by an 18 wheeler. Wales are growing in confidence, they didn’t have it all their own way but they showed enough composure and grit to grind out his win. They must have sealed their place in the next round with that win. Samoa don’t have a good enough scrum to really compete at this level.

Elsewhere, The All Blacks annihilated Japan, Argentina thumped Rumania, and France ran out easy winners over Canada. England took a break from their busy schedule of dwarf throwing and cleavage diving to easily account for Georgia.

New Zealand  83 - 7  Japan  
Sat - 17th Sep

 Argentina  43 - 8  Romania    
 Australia  6 - 15  Ireland
South Africa  49 - 3  Fiji    

Sun - 18th Sep

 France  46 - 19  Canada    
 England  41 - 10  Georgia    
 Wales  17 - 10  Samoa    

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